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Feature Article from the Humane Society of the United States

March 10, 2010

Meet Our 2010 KIND Kid of the Year!

Florida 9-year-old honored for opening a pet food bank that helps families keep their pets through tough times

  • external image zach_wilson.jpg
Zach Wilson, 9, started the Central Florida Animal Pantry to provide pet food to families who can't afford to buy it. E. Wilson
  • external image zach_wilson_dogwash.jpg
Zach washes a dog at a fundraiser for the Central Florida Animal Pantry. E. Wilson
It started when Zach Wilson visited his local animal shelter with his Boy Scout troop to drop off supplies they had collected. The Boy Scouts met some of the animals there and learned about the important services the shelter provides to the community.
A few months later, when Zach's family decided to adopt a dog, they knew that the animal shelter was the best place to look for a pet. He and his mom went back to the shelter, and Zach was shocked at what he saw: The shelter was overflowing with dogs and cats. Every cage was full.
Zach asked why there were so many more homeless pets and learned the sad truth: many people were forced to give up their pets because they could no longer afford to feed them. Zach didn't think this was right, so he talked with his mom, Erica Wilson, about what he could do to help. They decided to open the Central Florida Animal Pantry.

Feeding pets, keeping families together
"Many people here in Florida have lost their jobs and can't afford to feed their pets anymore," 9-year-old Zach explains. "We feed pets so they can stay with their families instead of going to a shelter."
Every Thursday, Erica Wilson and other volunteers open the pantry to distribute pet food to people who can't afford to buy it. They get the food through food drives and fundraisers like dog washes, which, according to Zach, are his favorite way to raise money.
The pantry now feeds more than 300 animals each month, a number that has steadily been growing as word gets out about the pantry. In a typical week, they give out more than 2,000 pounds of pet food. Zach and his mom are even thinking about opening more pantries to keep up with the demand. "We've gone from working out of our garage to possibly having multiple locations," says Zach's proud mom. "We could probably open four more locations and still be busy!"
The pantry also helps with other pet care essentials that people often find difficult to afford. They provide pet supplies like collars and leashes and also help clients find low- or no-cost spay/neuter programs, veterinary care, and grooming. Zach is glad that the pantry is making a difference. "It makes me feel good to know all these pets are still with their families."
From pet pantry to animal sanctuary
His conviction that every animal deserves a good home is why Zach started the pet food pantry—and why his biggest dreams for the future include providing a permanent home for animals in need. "We are trying to raise money to open a sanctuary for elderly and disabled pets," Zach tells us. He envisions a sanctuary that will provide older and special needs pets a comfortable, home-like atmosphere where they can receive the love and care they deserve.
For his outstanding efforts to help pets and their people, we're happy to recognize Zach with the KIND Kid of the Year Award! Learn more about Zach at

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