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Final Draft –Persuasive Letter

Dear Class,

I believe we should focus on world peace for the following reasons:

Think of all the people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and many other places where war has been going on for years. The people who live there can’t get out of their houses to get food and water, farm or go to work because there is a war going on. There are children who cannot go outside to play or go to school because it is not safe. Some kids have grown up to be 31 years old and have not been alive 1 day without being in war.

If we had world peace, men and women could come home from fighting to be with family and friends. Parents have to leave their kids for 12 months at the least, sometimes 16, 20 or 24 months to fight, then come back for maybe 2 months, then go back to war! If there was world peace it would stop the Iraq war because we would agree not to fight.

If we had world peace there would not be as many wars about people’s differences because we would be nice to each other. In Somalia, they are fighting because the people belong to different tribes and they don’t trust one another. They argue till they try to kill each other. The same racist feelings have led to war being fought right now in Sudan, Uganda and Zimbabwe but Africa is not the only continent that has racial wars. Nearly every war has been due to race, customs or religion.

My friend’s granddad almost got bombed in a war. I feel sad for the families who lost people they love in a war. I think we should focus on world peace because that would solve many problems. Please help so we can save the world from war!

Sincerely, Chloe Dotti