Dear Class,

I can’t imagine my dogs getting ripped up. I had four dogs that died: Killer, Zaya, Foxie, and Red. Coach is still alive. Coach is my favorite. He's a brown and white pit bull. He stays at my Nanny's house. When I go to sleep, Coach is always laying right there with me, licking my face. I believe we should focus animal cruelty for the following reasons.Animals can’t defend themselves. I saw a picture of a dog on getting beat with a bat. That dog was very hurt and it was horrible. Not feeding dogs and cats also horrible. Michael Vick was fighting dogs and burying them underground in his front yard and he bought land where he and his friends could fight dogs. More than 20,000 dogs are killed by dog fights every year. Lots of us have pets. Animals need to be treated like us. People need to stop hurting dogs and cats. Help donate money to keep them fed and keep them well treated. Sincerely, Tavon Edgerton