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Dear Class,

My neighbor kept a small, whitish brown poodle kind of dog outside in the yard. Every time he would bark, even at just a squirrel, the people would come out and hit him. Finally, one day, he attacked one of the girls and bit her on the hand. The family took the dog back to the animal place. I think it was bad and it was interesting .I believe we should focus on animal cruelty for the following reasons.
Animals are used to be tested on by make up companies. Some people were very sick. People thought it was okay to do.because some people was very sick. but it was not right. The animals were sick, really sick, and they needed a home and a place to stay. And a person who cared about them. And they got really hurt.
Treat them like they are people.
I think we should focus on animal cruelty. Imagine if you were an animal. Would you wanted to be treated that way?No, because it is very bad and I don't like it at all.

sincerly Treasure Bailey