Animal Cruelty
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Dear Class,

Every five seconds an animal is tortured and killed. I have a neighbor who has a dog and everyday is he out on their porch with a short leash, with no food or water, everyday, and I think "what if I were that animal and I was never loved?" I believe we should focus on animal cruelty for the following reasons.
Think if you were a dog stuck in a pound and nobody came for you and then you were killed, or someone threw trash in the road and you got run over by a careless driver just because you were hungry. Alot of products like makeup and face creams or lotions are tested on animals and that is very sad. In my opinion, animals are humans too. Imagine if you were them. Elephants in the circus are also turtored too and that is cruel.
I really think we should focus on animal cruelty because every second living things,and animals, are dying . It’s very upsetting to think about miserable animals.

Tristin Till 5th grade