Wolfdogs in danger-
We shouldn't have to write this but things like this happen everyday in our world....

Tristin is a fifth grade student at Isaac Dickson elementary. She sponsors a wolf dog at Full Moon Farm wolf dog rescue in Buncombe County. When she visited Full Moon Farm for the first time, she says she faced "straight horror." These dogs were very, very mistreated.Some of the wolf dogs there had no ears, no legs, and were as skinny as rails. The woman who owns Full Moon Farm is trying to help these animals. Her name is Nancy Brown. Wolfdogs are in danger because most people who own one have no idea how to care for them and end up doing the wrong things.

Wolf dogs are a wolf hybrid. For example, a wolf and a regular dog mixed together would be a wolf dog because it is a percentage of wolf and a percentage of dog.There are certain things you have to look for in wolf dogs, like de-claw and double coat. A double coat is a top coat that goes over a regular dogs undercoat, and de-claws are the deeper, bigger, thicker claws that normal dogs do not have. There are many different kind of wolf-dogs, like red and grey.
"Hundreds of wolf dog rescues have popped up all over country, because people just don’t know what they are doing. They give the animal to a rescue but, in my experience, most rescues are also bad situations for the wolf dogs," say Henry Bullock in a VERVE magazine article. He's a biologist and animal curator at the Western North Carolina Nature Center.Full Moon Farm is not in that category. They help the wolfdogs with experience and intelligence.

You should know what you are getting into, when you adopt a wolf dog. You can help by adopting stray wolf dogs . But if you are not prepared, then you can donate the dog(s) to an organization that helps wolf dogs. Do not release a wolf dog into the wild where they could be hunted, killed,lost,starve,or get taken in again but a person who doesn't know how to care for it. Full Moon Farms is a determined organization that is very serious about saving wolf dogs. These places (like Full Moon Farms) are saving wolf dogs everyday . Take a part in that, go to a local wolf dog shelter, and help out.
The wolf-dog Tristin sponsors is named Yeddy. She has no ears because she got put into a fight with another wolf dog and got her ears torn from her head. Tristin sends money in every month to give Yeddy food,shelter,toys and to help Full Moon Farm save more wolf dogs. Tristin is not yet old enough to volunteer but you could be,go to www.FullMoonFarm.com to volunteer or sponsor a wolfdog and help make a change to the world and the poor animals that need your help.

Western North Carolina Nature Center


Full Moon Farms