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Second Draft—Persuasive Letter to Class

Dear Class,
Picture a family eating breakfast as they wait for their son or daughter to come home from the war. They’re not sure he or she will come home. It would feel like a big hole in the family if their son or daughter was killed. I believe we should work on world peace for the following reasons.
I want the world to be in peace because I don’t want my own family members to go to war. People are dying in wars and his or her family wants them to come home. It’s better to be injured than dead but it would make your life harder. More injured troops are surviving the war in Iraq than in any other. But because of the terrible force of IED( an IED is a powerful explosive that can kill hundreds of people), more people are surviving with brain injury than in any other war. More than 500 people die in the wars everyday in the world.
I think our class should work on world peace. We should make change so we don’t have to go to war.

Angelo Johnson