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world peace!

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When my dad and I were driving downtown, I saw a billboard about the people who died in the war in Iraq. So far, there have been over 200,000 deaths in the Iraq war and 270,000 people seriously injured. WORLD PEACE IS AWESOME. And I can prove it!
World peace will help solve many global problems. It will help solve global warming by tanks and air force fighter planes not using a lot of gas. Did you know that the military is one of the top users of fossil fuels?
The U.S.A. will spend 1.5 trillion dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by February of 2012. All of the money we spend on war could be spent on health care, education and food for the poor. Families are getting broken apart because of wars. So far, American deaths in the Iraq are over 4,000 and in the Afghanistan war over 1,000 Americans have died.
So far there have been 15 wars since 1945, THOSE WARS SHOULD HAVE NOT HAPPENED!!
As you see, world peace might fix some problems. So I hope you want to have world peace!