Dear Class,

I think we should stop animal cruelty because over 50,000 are caught each year in America by animal testers. pets are tortured and killed.

Animals,compared to us, are weak and helpless. They can`t fight back and it's sad. Against their will, animals are tested for hairspray and such from all over the planet. Animal testers get their animals from two main resources,the pound and the street.So that is why I want to help the animals please help me save the animals. I have a dog a cat and two fish

I would be sad if they died I have already had 3 cats die Mojo,Simion,and Marcrucio also better known as Hermes

animals are mans best friends for life they are alwas loyal but are you loyal and friends with your pets many people are but some bullie and take advantage of their pets. Now your pets payment for being your bff is your love thats all.-