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Dear class,
I think we should work on animal cruelty. Lots of animals
are mistreated everyday! Imagine being a puppy in a cage, barely fed. I believe we should focus on animal cruelty for the following reasons.

Most animals are innocent and even if they aren’t, they do not deserve to be mistreated.Out of Five seven puppies born, one sold and the others mistreated. Cats,dogs and other animals won’t be kept at pounds for long, usually for only a week. Lots of animals are kept in cages and rarely going outside. Would you rather cage an animal or free one? Would you like to see an animal being mistreated?
I think animal breeder pounds are evil when they are yelling,caging and other horrible things. How could pounds and animal breeders do that to animals?!? I think some people should start a group and care for animals by putting up posters to poles to alert the public about animal cruelty.
Max Ashburn

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