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Dear class,
Please help me stop animal cruelty! Part of the reason I want to stop animal cruelty is because in Korea people steal dogs, then they kill the dogs and sell them in the markets for meat! Sometimes people buy the meat in the market either thinking it is something else or just plain not knowing what it is.
I think that we should focus on animal cruelty for the following reasons. One of the reasons I believe we should help the animals is because so many animals are killed each year due to fighting, starvation and harsh living environments. Animals have been killed for hundreds of years and that is wrong! I would like to persuade people to not fight animals, to feed and care for them properly and give them love.Also about 50,000 animals are killed each year in America due to animal cruelty.That makes me feel very, very bad about what we do to animals. Somtimes if a family has a pet and that family fights alot the animal is the one harmed the most.

There are lots of strategies to help stop animal cruelty. If we give money to the Humane Society, we can help animals find homes with loving families. I would like to write to the President to figure out if he can help us on our mission. Also, we could write a letter to the newspaper about animal cruelty to educate people about the problem and ask for their help.

I believe that animal cruelty is wrong and I want you to, also. Help me save the animals! I want to help the animals out there that are subjected to starving, pain, small pens, and death by finding them loving homes. If we unite and do our very best to help, we will make a difference and whether that difference is big or small, we can help lots and lots of animals. I really hope you will work with me because I really love animals and I hope you do, too. I want to help animals because it is wrong that they are killed or harmed because of us but I need your help to do so.