Ready To Read-Persuasive Letter to Class

Dear Class,

One day, I saw a poster that said, "Dog Fight". So I went home and looked up dog fights, it was horrible! And the
worst part is that we humans turned them into vicious creatures. I believe we should focus on animal cruelty because why wouldn’t we? We are terrorizing
and hurting these animals.
My first reason is that every five hours an animal is dying of cruelty. Three quarters of the dogs and animals that came from animals fights have to be put down or killed, because they can not contain themselves from attacking. And there is also chicken fights and that is really scary seeing creatures rip each other apart! About 15,341,092 animals are being breed illegally with diseases in puppy mills in a year. Plus puppy mills don't just breed puppies or dogs, they breed any animal they can get their hands on!
I really think we would be doing good for animals all over the world if we help stop animal cruelty. Please help!


Sophia E. Sherar