Animal Cruelty: Acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals.

A New Jersey study found that in 88 percent of families where there had been physical abuse of children, there were also records of animal abuse. In Wisconsin, battered women revealed that in four out of five cases, abusive partners had also been violent toward pets or livestock.
from ASPCA website

ASPCA website about animal cruelty

Dear Class,
I have a fat, fat, fat cat named Felix. He's as fat as Garfield but he's black and white. I think he's the only cat in the world that has a goatee. He has white cheeks with a black eye cover and a black spot on his chin shaped like a raindrop. I like the way he's soft. He let's me scratch his neck and chin. He can jump really good and he loves to roll over onto his back like a dog. He has a jiggly belly. I like to play with his belly. He makes me laugh. If a robber were to break into our house and kick Felix, he wouldn't be able to defend himself. He's too fat but also a robber is bigger. I think the class should work on stopping animal cruelty.

On TV I glanced at a short show that was about people taking animals that were treated badly and put them in good homes. This show was about some puppies who were left without food and locked up. They were almost dead and they were all dirty.

Don’t let them animals die. Anaimals Animals are to live and not to die. I believe that we should focus on anaimals (animals) dying. I know that anaimals (animals) should not be dying (WHY?WHY ARE ANIMALS IMPORTANT TO YOU PERSONALLY?) I think that anaimals should not die sad.(DO YOU MEAN THAT ANIMALS SHOULDN'T BE NEGLECTED?) I think that thier (there) should be more people helping (TO DO WHAT SPECIFICALLY?). We (I )think that the world should work on (against)anaimal (animal) curlty (cruelty). Stop the curtly (cruelty) this is how I feel, sad and mad.